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“I Can Live With My Tinnitus: A Survival Guide For Tinnitus Sufferers” by Roger R. Bray

Tinnitus affects more than 50 million people in the United States alone. More than 10 million people seek medical help for severe tinnitus every year.

I developed tinnitus in June of 2002. During my battle, I read hundreds of articles, saw many doctors, had numerous tests, tried various prescription drugs and over the counter cures. I studied the inner ear and researched all the claims to tinnitus cures that I could find.

During my battle, I began to realize that it was the fight that was beating me, not the tinnitus. It was then that I decided to take back my life and not allow it to be controlled by tinnitus. It was not an easy journey, but it ultimately became a successful journey.

This book is the result of the joy I experienced while helping others and the encouragement by many to write it.

After reading this book you will have a better understanding of:

  • How our hearing works.
  • What tinnitus is and what causes it.
  • What to do if you or a loved one is suffering from tinnitus.

I will also share with you many tips on how to reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of tinnitus as it relates to your life.

The contents of this book include:

Chapter 1…My Story

Chapter 2…Our Hearing

Chapter 3…What is Tinnitus?

Chapter 4…See Your Doctor

Chapter 5…The Psychological Factor

Chapter 6…Your Support Group

Chapter 7…Foods, Drugs and Drink

Chapter 8…Habituation

Chapter 9…Sleeping with Tinnitus

Chapter 10…Entertainment

Chapter 11…Relaxation

Chapter 12…Healthy Living

Chapter 13…Travel

Chapter 14…A Message from My Wife

“I Can Live With My Tinnitus: A Survival Guide For Tinnitus Sufferers” by Roger R. Bray